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  • Film: Papiroflexia, directed by Joaquin Baldwin

    An animated film about shaping the world with your hands.

    Cameron Diaz weighs in: "How can films change the world? They can't, but the people who watch them can. By changing minds, we change the world. My own passion is climate change; this film inspires me."

    05.10.08 | 19:25 GMTcomments


    Papiroflexia (Spanish for “origami”) is the animated tale of Fred, a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands. Originally created as a poem by the director, it was turned into a short animated film in the UCLA Animation Workshop.

    Joaquin Baldwin is an animator and web site designer from Paraguay, who’s working on an MFA in animation at UCLA. He has been granted several awards, including the Jack Kent Cooke full Graduate Scholarship in 2006.
    Pixel Nitrate - Joaquin Baldwin’s homepage


    Director: Joaquin Baldwin
    Sound recording and mixing: Jake Monaco
    Foley artist: Melissa Graziano


    Original score: Nick Fevola
    Flute: Timothy Hagen
    Guitar: Aaron Rosenberg
    Vibraphone: Alexander Burke
    Vocals: Celeste Torres
    Violin: Armen Der-kevorkian
    Violin: Marina Hall
    Violin: Joel Pargman
    Violin: Ray Reinebach
    Acoustic Bass: Aubrey Torres

    Credits and Thanks

    Bruna Veras, Carlos Cabrera, Celia Mercer, Dan McLaughlin, Fred McMillan, Gustavo Morales, James Suhr, Matt Flynn