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  • The Ball, directed by Orlando Mesquita

    Children in Mozambique have found an interesting way to make a football.

    05.10.08 | 18:16 GMTcomments


    Children in Mozambique have found an interesting way to make a football.

    Since 1984, Orlando Mesquita has edited, directed, and produced over 20 films, including features, educational programs, and documentaries. His projects explore the many facets of Mozambican life such as the role of women and war, refugees, and demobilized soldiers. In 1999 he won a Kuxa Kanema Best Video Award for his work as a co-director and editor on Community Stories.
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    Director: Orlando Mesquita
    Script: Licinio Azevedo, Orlando Mesquita
    Producer: Licínio Azevedo
    Production Manager: Abdul Manafe
    Camera: João “Funcho” Costa
    Sound: Valente Dimande
    Editor: Orlando Mesquita
    Translator: Pedro Fernando Manhefero
    English Translation: Ken Hansen
    Editbox Editor: Charles Brittz
    Audio Final Mix: Barry Donnelly
    Subtitles: Royston Michaels
    Post Production Facility: The Refinery - Cape Town


    Composer: Chico António
    Performers: Rufas Maculuve, Felipe Mondlane, Milton Chissano

    Credits and Thanks

    Clara Chinaca, Daniel Freita, Manuel Mario, Ribeiro Xadreque, Betinho Castro, Mário Francisco, Vasco Domingos, Eusébio João, Felipe Catcheca, Campos Manuel, Danilo Marques, GESOM (Grupo de Educação Social de Manica), Copacabana Lodge