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  • Film: Elevator Music, directed by Serdar Ferit

    Music and culture clash aboard an elevator.

    05.10.08 | 19:41 GMTcomments

    United Kingdom

    Problems arise when a conservative old man walks into the same lift as a 15-year-old girl who likes to play loud music from her mobile phone.

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    Serdar Ferit is a writer, director, editor, and filmmaking lecturer in London. He has an academic background in both fiction and non-fiction filmmaking and has excelled in making visually attractive drama, documentaries, art installations, and music videos, winning several awards for his work. Serdar runs Write This Down Productions with his partner Paulina Tervo.
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    Elevator Music Homepage
    Write This Down Productions


    Director: Serdar Ferit
    1st AD / Assistant Producer: Chris Carr
    Production Co-ordinator: Paulina Tervo
    Production Assistant: Mark Notton
    Catering: Fatma Ferit
    Sound Recordist: Owen Mashall
    Focus Puller: Junior A. Owusu
    Clapper: Chris Carr
    Director of Photography: Michael Onder
    Titles Animator: Ryan Kahn
    Online Editor: Daniele Mercanti
    Offline Editor: Serdar Ferit


    Liam Nowlan
    Natalie Mount
    Tom Waterhouse
    Eve Ryan
    Chantel Campbell
    Shahin Osman


    Extreme Music
    Noam Seyer
    Angus Havers


    Mark Duffield, Tony Potts, Karol Jones, Anthea Kennedy, Rob Wickings, Raymond Hubbard, Salma Bheekhun, Daniele Mercanti, Smoke & Mirrors