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  • Film: Laughter Club, by Neil Davenport

    People around the world are gathering in Laughter Clubs -- to share one of the most profound human universals.

    05.10.08 | 20:48 GMTcomments

    United States

    These are select scenes from the upcoming film Laughter Club. Laughter Club explores the world of Indian laughter clubs and the life of a man who has a dream of staging the world’s first laughter competition.

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    Neil Davenport was born in Arvida, Quebec. He is based in New York, where he has lived for 23 years with his partner, Caroline, and son, Gillivraye. Neil is a photographer and Laughter Club is his first film.
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    Producer/Director: Neil Davenport
    Producer: Stuart Ford
    Executive Producers: Guarav Burman, Hardy Blechman
    Associate Producer: Melissa Bailley Wong
    Line Producer: Shruti Desai
    Consulting Producer: Jaje Toba
    Camera: Stefan Merrill Bloch, Ranjan Kamuth
    Sound: Giles Khan
    Editors; Hemal Trivedi, Nate Smith, Gideon Gold.
    Original Score: Bruce Smith
    Narration: Neil Davenport


    Lotus Ladies: performed by Bruce Smith.
    Main Theme (Laughter Club): performed by Slavic Soul Party
    Lotus Ladies Balophone arrangement: performed by Bruce Smith