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  • Mutual Recognition, directed by Jehane Noujaim

    A unique and intimate perspective on a Moroccan imam and his wife.

    05.10.08 | 18:45 GMTcomments

    Egypt/United States

    This short documentary offers a unique and intimate perspective into the thoughts of a Moroccan imam and his wife as they discuss their romance. They describe their thoughts about how to build a deep, trusting, and enduring relationship in this film that shows the specific ways the Islamic faith relates to the universal concepts of love and respect.


    Jehane Noujaim is the director of, among other films, the award-winning documentaries Control Room and Raised in Cairo, Egypt, she attended Harvard University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Visual Arts and Philosophy. She has worked for MTV's News and Documentary Division as a segment producer for the series Unfiltered, and as a director and cinematographer on films such as Born Rich, Only the Strong Survive, and Down from the Mountain. In 2006, Noujaim won the prestigious TED Prize, an annual award in which the recipients are granted a wish. Jehane's wish – to create a day in which the world comes together through film – was the catalyst for Pangea Day.


    Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Jehane Noujaim
    Editors: Raffi Asdourian, Dave Marcus