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Pangea Day Promos

Karen Armstrong


What is the major task of our time?

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David Blaine
Magic as storytelling

Brian Cox
A precious and fragile planet

Wade Davis
All humanity dreams around a global campfire

Cameron Diaz
Telling the world about the power of film

Goldie Hawn
Promise of Pangea Day

John Hodgman
Explaining the original Pangea

Loic Le Meur
Saying borders are obsolete

Vusi Mahlasela
Storytelling as the path to understanding

Nokia's Tero Ojanperä
Capture a story capture the world

Deborah Scranton
Film can bridge disconnects

Dave Stewart
Seeing film for the first time

Kevin Wall
Creating an interactive global village

Forest Whitaker
The universal experience of storytelling

Robin Williams
The most beautiful films of all